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      Tianjin Tiansheng Petroleum Pipe Manufacturing Co. Ltd (TSPP)is a new established, modernized and professional enterprise dealing with the manufacturing of the petroleum casing. Main products covers the catalog of oil pipes with multi-kinds of steels and screw threads with the φ60.3-339.7mm (2 7/8"-13 3/8") and the yearly productivity of 100,000 tons. Meanwhile, the company also produces, drill pipes in different specifications to meet demand of different clients. By its stronger deploying capacity, our products are widely applied to the operating of drilling either land and ocean gas and oilfield is specialized in the production of the petroleum casing. It is situated at Tianjin wu qing town south gate street no. 8 and...
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    Tel:022-22190666    Fax:022-22194499     Liaison: Mr. Huang     Mobile:13803228795
    Add:Tianjin wu qing town south gate street no. 8
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